Project Pan 2018: Mindfully Using Products Up

To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of new-in posts or empties posts. They either look unappealing photography-wise (empty products aren’t really elegant, are they?) or they can come across as vain. However, in light of manic consumerism and the feeling that you need to have at least three (five, ten?) pro-level eyeshadow palettes to create a decent look, it’s high time we get ourselves together and work on using our products up instead of mindlessly buying them.

bunnyechoes project pan

I’m not pretending this post is going to change people’s ways – projects like this one have existed for quite a few years now – but I’m going to use it as a reminder to work with what I have on hand and learn a few things along the way. I will try to mindfully use products; noting what using them makes me feel like, what I like or dislike about them, and whether they’re just fine or actually good items. If anyone wants to join me on my journey, you’re more than welcome to. As always, you can leave a comment and share your thoughts on this subject. You can expect project pan updates every month or so but you can also follow my Facebook page for more frequent updates. Tag along and share your progress with me!

Pan Project 2018: What I Will Be Using Up

I’ve lined up 12 products that I will attempt to use up completely in 2018. Some will be quite easy to finish because they’re samples or nearly empty anyway. When a product gets used up I’ll replace it with another product to keep going until December. Wish me luck! 🙂

bunnyechoes project pan

Crow and Pebble Smiled Like a Knife

This is a lovely orange red shadow, one I don’t usually gravitate towards, but I like the way it looks on my eyes. I think it adds some contrast, liveliness to my eyes. You can see it swatched here.

bunnyechoes project pan crow and pebble smiled like a knife

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Merlot

Merlot is a “gorgeous burgundy with a slight shift to a golden orange, littered with golden sparkle and sprinkled with pink to gold color-shifting sparks.” (Dawn Eyes Cosmetics) I didn’t wear this eyeshadow much because I was afraid of dark colours! Then I figured it could work well for a one-eyeshadow look if I used it along with Pixie Epoxy. I haven’t swatched Merlot (yet?) but you can see the video swatches here.

bunnyechoes project pan dawn eyes merlot

Fyrinnae Bawdy Librarian

Bawdy Librarian is described as “a lush, shimmery, golden brown rich with gold sparkle.” (Fyrinnae) It’s definitely a stunner when paired with Pixie Epoxy but it also works well by itself. For some reason, I’ve never talked about it on my blog but that’s about to change!

bunnyechoes project pan fyrinnae bawdy librarian

Hello Waffle The Forgotten #2

I really like this neutral, mauve shadow. It can be used as a crease shade or lid shade because it’s so versatile. I believe I’ll use this one up in no time. See the swatches here.

bunnyechoes project pan hello waffle

Hello Waffle Dark Lord Revan

Dark Lord Revan is another shadow that I don’t use much because it’s dark red. So, this is a perfect time to finally start using it. See the swatches here.

bunnyechoes project pan hello waffle dark lord revan

Crow and Pebble Atreides

Atreides is a pinky red shadow – it looks gorgeous butI find it hard to pair it with anything because pink shades can be a bit tricky to use (you don’t want to end up looking like someone’s given you a bit of a beating). I’ll probably pair it with a lighter shade from my Project Pan eyeshadow bunch. The swatches are here.

Hello Waffle The Forgotten #3 and #6

These two shadows look great when used along The Forgotten #2 and I think I will use this combination often. I pressed these two shadows in three pans, one of them being a mix of both shadows. See the swatches here.

bunnyechoes project pan crow and pebble hello waffle

Arcana Queen Crossbones

Queen Crossbones is composed of “creamy Egyptian musk, wild honey, sweet coconut, and exotic resins.” (Arcana) It is a heavier perfume but it works great in the winter time. I’ll gladly wear this and give you my impressions in one of the following updates.

bunnyechoes project pan arcana queen crossbones

Arcana Strawberries Crave Pie

Who doesn’t love a good pie? With notes such as “pink and red strawberries with tender pie crust, vanilla bean, and a sprinkling of brown and white sugars”, SCP is bound to be delicious. I used to use this teeny tiny sample a lot but I forgot about as my collection grew. I think this one’s a good spring scent so I’ll wear it gladly.

bunnyechoes project pan arcana strawberries crave pie

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Lysithea

Lysithea (artemesia, rose geranium, white lemon, grey musk, ambergris, ozone) is another perfume that I sort of ignored for the longest time. I was doing it a disservice because it’s a very calm, cold scent that works fine for me when I want to wind down after work. The bottle’s only half full but hopefully I’ll use it up by June.

bunnyechoes project pan bpal lysithea

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Door

I wear this perfume (“golden honey, nicotiana, blue chamomile, and cistus”; BPAL) nearly every night because it’s so calming and non-intrusive that it makes falling asleep very easy. It won’t be long before it’s completely empty!

bunnyechoes project pan bpal door

So, we’ve reached the end of the Project Pan 2018 introductory post. Expect to see some updates in the following months! Are you joining me on this journey?


  1. Ohh, tudi jaz se bom pridružila Project Panu. 😀 Sem si ravno zato naročila še 2 senčki za mojo Neve cosmetics paletko <.<.
    BTW brca v rit meni in tebi, da spiševa objavo! 😀

    1. One of us, one of us! 🙂 Če bi se dalo, bi jaz vse te enojne senčke prestavila v Nabla paleto, ampak so vse posodice večinoma iz aluminija. :/
      Nujno rabiva eno brco v rit, haha! Jo bom poskusila napisat čimprej. 🙂

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