Reverse Diet

There’s a new chapter in my so-called book of dieting. In the past few months, I ate relatively little (about 1600 kcal, sometimes a bit more and sometimes a bit less due to carb cycling) and my body adapted to the lower intake of food after a while. As a consequence, there was no improvement or it was so minuscule that I decided for a change. I had a few options.

The first option was to lower my intake of carbs (and calories as well) but I didn’t fancy it because I thought my food intake was too low as it was. The second option was to incorporate more HIIT into my workouts, which would’ve been viable but I’m not a huge fan of cardio exercises. HIIT twice a week is more than enough. The third option was a combination of the above-mentioned things but I would stop enjoying my workouts and life, and I would become even more irritable. :))


This is why I went for the fourth option — a slow increas in carbs and fats, otherwise known as reverse dieting. This is actually meant for those who ate the tiniest amount of carbs and the point of this sort of dieting is to slowly speed up your metabolism to the point where you can eat a lot without gaining any weight. This is consisely and precisely explained on The Macro Experiment blog if anyone wants to have a read. I don’t want to go into extremes because my starting point wasn’t so low at all so I’ve decided to go for an easier, low-key version of reverse dieting.

I weighed myself about two weeks ago and the scale showed 54.7 kg (120.6 lb). Soooo little. Firstly, I inreased my daily calories to 1700 (mostly carbs but also fat because YAY fat and cheese and burgers (oops)) and kept them that way for two weeks. Now, nearly three weeks in, I upped my carbs for just a bit more so my daily intake is 1750 kcal. The weight is still about the same so I suppose everything’s going according to the plan. My goal is to keep my weight at around 55 kg (121.3 lb) for just a little longer before plunging into muscle building in September/October.


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