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Future Primitive Soap Co. is an English bath and body company, founded by Tiggy in 2006. They focus mainly on soapmaking and other bathing products but you will also find the odd perfume oils if you visit their webpage. They’re vegan-friendly, don’t test on animals and use natural ingredients, which are mostly Fair Trade. I decided to test their most popular products in scents that usually comfort me. That just has to be lavender – I can’t imagine a better scent to wear when you’re about to hit the bed.

Future Primitive Body and Bath Products

Future Primitive Whipped Soap in Cold Pillow

This whipped soap smells very herbal, nearly to the point where I can’t really smell any lavender. I would say it is mostly vetiver with hints of lavender and geranium.

The jar and the soap itself are incredibly light. The texture is that of whipped cream – it’s also as white as whipping cream – but it does not melt immediately upon contact with skin. At first it glides onto your skin and only then it lathers – for a soap that doesn’t contain SLS or SLES it does the lathering job very, very well. It washes off nicely and it doesn’t give the squeaky-clean feeling, at least not on the skin.

Future Primitive Whipped Soap in Cold Pillow

This is a 3 in 1 formula. You can use it as a body wash, a shampoo, or shave cream. I’ve tried all three and while my skin felt good after using it, I’m hesitant to say the same for my hair. It was throughly cleansed but I really don’t like that squeaky feeling it gave me. After two more uses, I did get used to the feeling but I think I will continue using it mostly as a shave cream because it’s really gentle towards skin and hairs. It lifts them up and allows for a close, comfortable shave.

It’s worth mentioning that the formula is more or less natural. It contains vegetable glycerine, as well as stearic acid and what I suppose are essential oils of true lavender, geranium, and vetiver, which actually make the whipped soap smell the way it does. Despite the occasional squeaky-clean feeling, I don’t think the formula is harsh at all but those with any allergies to essential oils should probably not use it.

Once I run out of it, I will probably buy it again but one with a different scent.

Whipped Soap costs £6.95.

Future Primitive Whipped Soap in Cold Pillow

Future Primitive Conditioning Hair Rinse in Cold Pillow 

I got the hair rinse in the same scent as the whipped soap so that I would avoid any weird fragrance mash-ups when using them together. On cold sniff, the hair rinse smells like herbal lavender. In fact, it’s nearly medicinal, probably because of vetiver. I don’t see vetiver or lavender on the ingredients list but I presume they’re included in Parfum on the INCI list.

The texture is light and easy to spread. I have thin hair of short-to-medium length and I have to use about one tablespoon and a half of the product to cover all of my hair. Washing it off is a dream. My hair instantly feels super smooth, even during application. In fact, after the first use it was so smooth that I had to check the ingredient list again if it contained any silicones. Nope. Not one in sight. I’m not sure where exactly Future Primitive source their oils but their jojoba, sunflower, and olive oil are magic.

Future Primitive Conditioning Hair Rinse in Cold Pillow

After drying, the hair is really smooth and shiny. I can also comb through easily with no tangles. If I brush it straight away, it remains completely straight, in the no-frizz zone. The scent is intensified if you use the hair rinse after the whipped soap with the same fragrance.

I’m so satisfied with this product. As cliché as it sounds, my hair has never been smoother – even the unruly strands that usually remain wiry. The shine is to die for and it lasts until I need to wash my hair again. This hair rinse (no matter which scent) is basically an instant repurchase.

Hair Rinse costs £9.25.


Future Primitive Body Whip in Sylph

This one smells like marshmallow and lavender. I bought this one because it seemed similar to Cold Pillow but it turned out to be a lot different. It’s sweet but not cloying because the marshmallow note is tempered by herbal lavender. It actually smells like some sort of a candy! The scent unfortunately doesn’t last until the next morning but it’s strong enough so that you can smell it for at least an hour or so. I can’t stop sniffing my skin once I’ve applied it!

Future Primitive Body Whip in Sylph

The texture is rather thick, just like a whipped cream. It’s definitely heavier and creamier that the one of whipped soap and it works great for my dry skin. I believe it helped moisturise it and god knows my skin needs all the moisture after summer holidays.

It sinks into the skin quite fast and leaves a protective layer on it that doesn’t feel greasy at all. You would think the opposite considering the whip’s ingredients but I’m happy to report I don’t feel like a grease ball afterwards.

I will also repurchase this product once I run out of it. I just love using it so much!

Body Whip costs £7.95.

Don’t forget to check out their Autumn 1 sale (25% off) that starts today at 12 pm London time!

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Future Primitive Body Whip in Sylph and Conditioning Hair Rinse in Cold Pillow

Future Primitive Body Whip in Sylph and Whipped Soap in Cold Pillow

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