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These are wicked, wicked times. When coronavirus is all over the news, we all need to find a safe haven. I’ve found mine in perfume. Here’s a review of Sixteen92 perfume oil Wicked. It was first released in autumn 2017 as a seasonal scent but it has become so popular that it was moved to the general collection and is now available pretty much throughout the whole year.

Sixteen92 Wicked review bunnyechoes

Sixteen92 Wicked – the review

Three vanillas, dark aged patchouli, almond buttercream.

By now you probably know that patchouli is usually strong on my skin. Dark and sometimes stuffy, it doesn’t always allow other notes to shine. But not in this case. Wicked!

As I apply it on skin, this perfume oil reads as almond buttercream. This note adds a lovely foody base but it manages to avoid the sugary sweetness that I usually associate with buttercream. The almond note is fresh and delicious, and smells just like unroasted almond milk. Sure, the patchouli is there but it hangs out in the background and keeps the buttercream from being too sweet. As for the vanillas, I can’t really distinguish which one is which (they’re not specified anyway) but they simply add an additional layer of creaminess.

Sixteen92 Wicked review bunnyechoes

Despite its name, Wicked is light and it manages to bridge the gap between dark wintery scents and lighter spring fragrances. What do you think of it?

You can buy Sixteen92 Wicked here for $5 (2 ml), $15 (6 ml) or $22 (10 ml).

You might like it if you like NAVA Vampire Vanilla Bat but prefer lighter perfumes that are more suitable for springtime, or perfumes that are foodier.

Sixteen92 Wicked review bunnyechoes
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