Solstice Scents After the Rain

If there’s any sort of perfume Solstice Scents excel at, it must be the (hyper) realistic one. After the Rain belongs to this category, and it smells just like it’s described.

Solstice Scents After the Rain review bunnyechoes

Lilac, Wisteria, Blue Lotus, Rain, Green Accord, Wild Violets, Earth.

Do you know how, in the spring, everything smells so fresh and green? After the Rain is just that. The lilac is covered with dew, reminding me of lush greenery after a brief spring shower. The green accord is very strong, as if thick, lush green leaves overgrew everything in a well-kept garden. The powdery, gentle violets appear soon after, giving the scent a more pronounced floral character. The lilac and wisteria entertwine, forming a more “general” floral accord that, to me, becomes a bit indistinguishable as it develops.

Solstice Scents After the Rain review bunnyechoes

Afterr the drydown, Solstice Scents After the Rain smells mostly green, heavily so, while the floral notes become rather gentle and quiet. I can’t detect much lilac anymore. The lotus and violet add some floral powderiness to the rain and green accord. The soil becomes more prominent an hour or so after the application, turning this scent more to the unisex/masculine side.

Sadly, I wasn’t madly in love with After the Rain because it might have been too realistic and/or “masculine” for my taste. I really wanted to try it, though, to see how my skin chemistry reacts with this sort of scents. As it turns out, I prefer my florals mixed with some fruity or foodie elements.

You will like this scent if you prefer bolder florals that aren’t “feminine”, gentle, or pretty. After the Rain isn’t an “idea” of wet florals, it smells almost literally like that!

Solstice Scents After the Rain isn’t currently available, but you can sign up for the Solstice Scents newsletter, or you can join the waitlist over at Femme Fatale, here.

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