Solstice Scents Review: General and Spring Collections

Thanks to the Australian retailer Femme Fatale, I had already tried a couple of Solstice Scents perfumes* when I decided to place my very first order with Solstice Scents. Boasting with an extensive library of olfactory delights, the brand sure doesn’t make the decision process easy. For my first order, I went with a couple of fan favourites, as well as some perfumes from the Spring Collection that appealed to me.

*Those perfumes were Foxcroft and Nightgown – let me know in the comments below if you want to read another Solstice Scents review!

bunnyechoes solstice scents review
Don’t you just love the card the samples are attached to?

Now, on to the reviews!

Sea of Gray

Vanilla rain, saltwater, seaweed, ambergris (vegan), white amber, roasted seashells, white sandalwood, frangipani.

The saltwater and seaweed are very prominent upon application. The roasted seashells and ambergris join soon after, adding a smoother aroma to the ensemble. In the distance, I can smell vanilla ice cream, making its way to me through the gloomy drizzle. It really does smell like going to the beach on a cold autumn’s day and walking on a pier while eating ice cream.

After getting some soft-serve ice cream, you move away from the ocean but the scent of seaweed stays with you. You wash it off your fingers right there in the cold ocean, full of seaweed. Don’t mistake this scent for a foodie one – it’s definitely more atmospheric. I eventually bought Sea of Gray as a full-size perfume bottle.

bunnyechoes solstice scents sea of gray review
Sea of Gray

Rose Mallow Cream

Moroccan rose absolute, Bulgarian rose absolute, marshmallow fluff, strawberry nectar, white chocolate, vanilla, white musk.

The rose, marshmallow and cream are evenly mixed into this gorgeous sweet floral scent that manages to stay classy despite the hint of foodieness. The rose – that can go sour on me – wants all the attention for itself but the mallow and cream keep it in check. How long will this last? The other notes remain further in the back, supporting the fragrance’s sweet character, rather than being obvious.

Later, the rose overpowers everything but the strawberry, making the blend a bit more sour than I anticipated. The cream and mallow still hang out in the back, supporting this sour union as best as they can. As you can guess from this paragraph, Rose Mallow Cream isn’t a favourite of mine but I believe people who have had better luck with cream are going to love it.

bunnyechoes solstice scents rose mallow cream review
Rose Mallow Cream

Smoky Mountain Mallow

Wood smoke, fossilized amber resin, lapsang souchong CO2, guaiacwood, labdanum, nutmeg EO, marshmallow.

The charred wood hits my nose first, taking me by surprise. If I smell this correctly, someone might be drinking a cup of black tea near the campfire, trying to stay warm. I almost smell something sweet, but faint, in the back, could that be the marshmallow?

After a while, I can smell the warm nutmeg behind the veil of smoke. It’s undoubtedly a warm scent and it smells literally like sitting next to a campfire on a warm summer night. Later on, the marshmallow shyly peeks out from under the covers, still enveloped in smoke. I don’t get much sweetness out of Smoky Mountain Mallow but I like it so much that I had to order another sample. Who knew I’d want to smell like campfire smoke?

bunnyechoes solstice scents smoky mountain mallow review
Smoky Mountain Mallow

Tenebrous Mist

Soft musks, white amber, sea spray, sandalwood, bay rum, tea leaves & wood smoke.

The sea spray refreshes your face and wakes you up immediately. It’s a bright, sweet scent, possibly because of the rum, but it elegantly treads the line between warm and cold. I would say this is a gentle unisex scent with a bit of a bite from the rum. The tea leaves complement the rum and sandalwood nicely, while wood smoke adds a duskier, moodier tone.

It reminds me of Arcana Sea Witch, but without the blueberry, or Solstice Scents Smoky Mountain Mallow, without the strong smoke and nutmeg. While it doesn’t last very long on my skin, I liked Tenebrous Mist enough to buy a full size of it.

bunnyechoes solstice scents tenebrous mist review
Tenebrous Mist

Blueberry Violet Truffle

Cocoa absolute, blueberry, violet, tonka, vanilla.

Now this is a boozy truffle! After an alcoholic blast, the blueberry comes to the fore, accompanied by the rich cocoa. The violet and tonka give it a smooth, elegant support while vanilla provides its foody sweetness.

After a short while, the fragrance becomes drier, as if the truffle was left on a plate for a few hours. It’s a delicious scent but it disappears from my skin so fast. I wish it would’ve lasted longer but perhaps this fragrance is more suited for bath and body products.

bunnyechoes solstice scents blueberry violet truffle review
Blueberry Violet Truffle

Chantilly Cream

Whipped cream, peach nectar, vanilla & yellow mandarin EO.

Pure whipped cream comes first to the front. For some unknown reason, there is a weird tobacco-like note following it, whereas the vanilla, mandarin and peach nectar stay in the back. To my dismay, they don’t add much aroma or body to the cream.

As the perfume dries, the weird tobacco note disappears, leaving behind the whipped cream. Not really sweet, it stands by itself, enhanced ever so slightly by the vanilla. There’s no hint of the peach nectar and the mandarin. It’s underwhelming and rather disappointing. Again, Chantilly Cream can probably work better for you. It’s just my skin chemistry.

bunnyechoes solstice scents chantilly cream review
Chantilly Cream

So, there you have it – my first Solstice Scents review! Out of these, which perfume appeals to you the most? Which one would leave you cold?

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