Solstice Scents Winter 2018/2019

I’m going to be honest. These three beauties – Camp Willow, Riverside Sleighride, and Sawmill – were purchased about a year ago. I let them rest for the usual 7–14 days, took photos of them, drafted my post etc., but they somehow never saw the light of day on my blog. Today this is going to change. Let me present you three of the Solstice Scents Winter 2018/2019 perfumes! I’ve written to Solstice Scents customer service, and they told me they would reappear in their Winter 2019 release, currently scheduled for mid-December. Edit 15/12: These perfumes will be/were released on Saturday 14/12 at 7 pm EST.

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Solstice Scents Camp Willow

Campfire, fir balsam, spruce, pine needles, black coffee, vanilla pipe tobacco, marshmallow & bourbon.

In a similar fashion to Smoky Mountain Mallow, this perfume opens up with the campfire smoke and pine needles. It slightly reminds me of Arcana Wildcraft Bonfires at Dusk due to its smoky, herbal character. Even though the smoke is the dominant note, Camp Willow is quite fresh and not at all nauseating. It’s a very outdoorsy and verging on the masculine side (a woman can totally still wear it).

solstice scents camp willow bunnyechoes

Soon after, the bourbon comes out, darkened by the black coffee, which becomes more prominent with time. The tobacco is very shy and doesn’t really make an appearance. This blend isn’t as sweet as I supposed it would be – there’s but a tiny hint of marshmallow in there – but I don’t mind it.

I finally get some marshmallow and vanilla in the dry-down stage. They make the scent more nuanced and take it away from the smoky territory. However, all that is left a few hours after the application are the remnants of the campfire, fir and spruce. Camp Willow has no throw at this point and is inoffensive.

Solstice Scents Riverside Sleighride

Vanilla musk, bayberry, fresh snow, white amber, fir balsam, cold winds, birch, mistletoe.

Riverside Sleighride is a fresh scent that opens with the notes of bayberry and mistletoe – a green accord underlined by the cold winds and snow. In the background, you can almost see tall trees with their branches covered with heavy, freshly-fallen snow. This unusual but lovely wintery blend is sweetened up by the vanilla musk.

solstice scents riverside sleighride winter bunnyechoes

As the perfume dries, the green notes give way to the wood and vanilla accord, which slowly evolves into vanilla musk with a woody undertone. The scent is a lot sweeter a few hours in but it remains outdoorsy throughout its journey. It’s so nice. It’s a sister scent to Riverside Hayride (dirt, leaves, branches, cold, autumn), but the vanilla musk in it strongly reminds me of White Fox (cold, vanilla, snow).

Solstice Scents Sawmill

Fresh cut wood, wood resin, balsam, cured woods, pine, black coffee, motor oil, amber, saw dust.

At first I can smell a very warm aroma of fresh cut wood and wood resin, basking in the hot summer’s sun. The pine aroma is in the background but what really grabs my attention is the black coffee, as if the logger decided to have a coffee break on his logging duty. 🙂

solstice scents sawmill bunnyechoes

After the logger finishes his cup of coffee (read: after the dry-down), the balsamic notes of wood reappear, together with sawdust. It’s not too dry of a perfume and it’s not dusty at all. In fact, it’s a very pleasant spring and summer scent. After a while I get a faint whiff of what could be the motor oil or perhaps the remnants of the wood resin. Sawmill is a very realistic perfume but still pleasant to wear. As you can see, I don’t think of it as a specifically winter perfume but it can be worn throughout the year.

Sawmill is also very close to my white whale pine and spruce scent. It’s not “cold” at all (like other evergreen scents tend to be), and it smells just like fresh cut spruce wood. There are so, so many spruce and pine trees where I live, and Sawmill is basically that in perfume form.

Which Solstice Scents perfume from the Winter 2019 Collection would you like to try?

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