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TGIF. Today was my fourth workout this week and the first time I worked my calves since the end of the Maxx Fit Contest over a week ago. It’s hard to get back into the groove after nearly a week of not working out, and since calves are my weak point, it was all the more difficult to find the energy necessary.

For some reason, I’m always freezing when doing calves – maybe because it’s only a tiny body part I’m working on – so I need to dress super warm for it. It was no different this time round so I tried to do reps as fast as possible in order not to cool down. Worry not, I did every set with care and no muscles were torn! 🙂

I continued my workout with three ab exercises and – to get to the point of this post – biceps exercises. There were just myself and the receptionist at the gym at that point (it was nearly 10 pm after all), so he offered to help me out. It was a very generous move and I appreciated it greatly. We did some pretty basic sets (EZ-bar curls and a superset of cable and hammer curls) but they were still different from what I’m used to. More reps and slightly heavier weights have taken its toll. I felt that stinging, slight pain in my biceps that told me the muscles were experiencing some real hard work.

It was a shock to the body but not the kind that would knock you over and make you want to sleep for ten more days but rather the kind that makes you nicely tired, knowing that you did something for that muscle growth and that the time spent at the gym hasn’t been “thrown away”.

This unexpected change in my biceps workout clearly shook me up but it made the evening more interesting – it’s something that is, in my opinion, worth talking about and a great way to keep your enthusiasm going on.

This one was taken a while ago during rest time at the gym. Sorry there are no photos from today's session!
This one was taken a while ago during rest time at the gym. Sorry there are no photos from today’s session!
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