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Blogmas #7: A Little Bit about Me

Hi! Here’s a tag I’ve found over at Invisibly Perfect and thought it’s a great idea for a busy Monday …

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Okay, I haven’t been very diligent when it comes to updating my blog regularly. To get over this funk I decided to post an update on my life and the things that keep me busy these days.

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Travel Bucket List

Hello, readers! Summer’s in full swing and although this time around I haven’t travelled much (having a job can be tough), it is no secret that I love explorning unknown corners of Slovenia as well as the world. Not many of you know that I have another little corner in the blogosphere, A Wayfarers’ Blog, which was used to describe the adventure on which I went with my friend a few years ago and later my solo adventure, again to England. Obviously I don’t post there any more; instead I’ll focus on this one (Bunnyechoes) because I don’t believe in that many online blogging outlets. I don’t like things to be spread too thin after all!

France 2013.
France 2013.

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Murter, Croatia, 4/6-13/6

Ahh, holidays. The time for proper relaxation and carefree lightness — something that we all probably want. My boyfriend and I went to Murter last summer already but, since we enjoyed it so much, we decided to visit this beautiful Croatian islet one more time.

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