Melvita L’Or Bio Review + Giveaway

I was introduced to Melvita back in 2013 when I started working for the local distributor of this brand (and some other brands; and I still work there). At first, Melvita seemed to me like a quirky, hippie teen who has a much more popular big sister. But times have changed a bit, and I feel like Melvita’s grown. I think Melvita’s gaining popularity and is a good brand in its own right – its organic formulas are backed by scientific research and certificates, and I feel they have been accepted by the consumers fairly well. As for myself, I genuinely believe the products are good (some more than others), even though I don’t really buy into the whole “natural/organic cosmetics is 100% better than conventional cosmetics” stance.

Slovenske sledilke se lahko udeležite tudi nagradne igre, v kateri lahko osvojite Melvitino Izjemno zlato olje L’Or Bio* v roza kozmetični torbici. Vse potrebne informacije so zapisane na koncu objave.

melvita lor bio extraordinary hand cream

The L’Or Bio collection

Now, let’s move on to the L’Or Bio collection. It’s always been around, a constant among limited editions. During all this time, I’ve only tried a small handful of products, each of them bearing an interesting scent. I can’t single out any particular component but the impression that I get is a warm aroma that’s suitable for the colder months.

The Extraordinary Hand Cream* has that same sweet scent. Its formula is light and it sinks in fast, which is great news for everyone who doesn’t like heavy, greasy hand creams. Awesome, right? In my case, not so much. The skin on my hands is thin and dehydrated, so I need to moisturise it very frequently. I find this hand cream to work fine short-term but it doesn’t provide a lasting effect. I do agree with Melvita’s claim that it creates “a velvety finish” on the skin, and it is a much nicer feeling than the one that L’Occitane’s Shea Intensive Hand Balm creates; basically, it’s less slippy but also less nourishing.

melvita lor bio extraordinary hand cream

Buy the Extraordinary Hand Cream on Melvita’s website for €7.

My favourite product from this collection, however, is the L’Or Bio Sparkling Extraordinary Oil that unfortunately isn’t available anymore. I use it to moisturise my body whenever I get the so-called lizard skin and to make it sparkly in the summertime. The sparkles aren’t too obvious but they give this slight bronze glow, which always looks lovely when you wear a cute dress. I suppose you can also use it on your face as a light illuminator (I haven’t tried this myself – let me know if you did/do!) or as a scented haircare item. My hair is too thin, unfortunately, and the oil would make a mess out of it.

melvita lor bio extraordinary oil

Have you ever tried Melvita products? What did you think of them?

*The product was provided for free by the brand in exchange for my honest review.


Giveaway/nagradna igra

Slovenske sledilke se lahko udeležite tudi nagradne igre, v kateri lahko osvojite Melvitino Izjemno zlato olje L’Or Bio, 50 ml v roza kozmetični torbici. Vse, kar morate storiti, je izpolnitev Rafflecopterjevega obrazca. Zmagovalec bo kontaktiran prek e-pošte. Zbrani e-naslovi ne bodo uporabljeni za promocijska sporočila oziroma kakršna koli sporočila, ki niso povezana s kontaktiranjem zmagovalca te nagradne igre. Nagradna igra traja do 6. 12. 2017 do polnoči.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Če zgornji okvirček/widget ni viden, klikni na “a Rafflecopter giveaway”, ki te bo popeljal do nagradne igre.

melvita lor bio extraordinary oil

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