Nelipot Diven Shampoo

It will probably come as no surprise if I tell you that I’m becoming more and more interested hair products that are natural and/or made by a small business (see here or here). When I was at the BBMU conference back in November 2018, I got a chance to chat with Nelipot representatives. They showcased their newest products – one of them can be used as a lubricant but I’ll be a tease and keep you waiting for its review 🙂 – and I was lucky enough to receive a sample of their Diven Shampoo.

Nelipot Diven Shampoo šampon bunnyechoes

At the time of writing this post (19 February 2019), the newest Nelipot offering is available only on the Slovenian market. However, Natalija from their social media team told me that this shampoo would become available on the Croatian and international websites on 8 March 2019. Soon!

For now, Nelipot Diven Shampoo is available in a 50 ml sample size. This should be enough for 6 to 10 washes, depending on how much shampoo you use for each wash.

Nelipot Mladizhen and Shverkaj

I’m always on the lookout for natural beauty and personal hygiene products. For example, I don’t believe that toothpaste formulas (any formulas, really) need to contain sodium lauryl sulfate in order to clean our teeth thoroughly. I don’t deny that “lab-made” ingredients provide some safety that essential oils can’t but if I have a choice, I’ll choose a more natural product. When natural personal hygiene meets small business like Nelipot, I prickle my ears.

Nelipot is a Slovenian brand that came into focus with their deodorant Nelipot Basic. A crucial element in their initial country-wide success seems to be due to the owners’ appearance in the television show called Štartaj, Slovenija! on the Pop TV channel, some time in 2015 or 2016. Fast-forward to the present, Nelipot products are sold at Spar and on Nelipot’s own website.

nelipot mladizhen shverkaj bunnyechoes

At the BBMU conference, I met the brand owners and had a lovely chat with them. As with (other) indie brands, I appreciate their end consumer-oriented business and the fact that they started making products for themselves first, before making them available to a wider audience.

The two products they gave me are a sample of their Mladizhen deodorant and the Shverkaj tooth powder.

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