Nelipot Mladizhen and Shverkaj

I’m always on the lookout for natural beauty and personal hygiene products. For example, I don’t believe that toothpaste formulas (any formulas, really) need to contain sodium lauryl sulfate in order to clean our teeth thoroughly. I don’t deny that “lab-made” ingredients provide some safety that essential oils can’t but if I have a choice, I’ll choose a more natural product. When natural personal hygiene meets small business like Nelipot, I prickle my ears.

Nelipot is a Slovenian brand that came into focus with their deodorant Nelipot Basic. A crucial element in their initial country-wide success seems to be due to the owners’ appearance in the television show called Štartaj, Slovenija! on the Pop TV channel, some time in 2015 or 2016. Fast-forward to the present, Nelipot products are sold at Spar and on Nelipot’s own website.

nelipot mladizhen shverkaj bunnyechoes

At the BBMU conference, I met the brand owners and had a lovely chat with them. As with (other) indie brands, I appreciate their end consumer-oriented business and the fact that they started making products for themselves first, before making them available to a wider audience.

The two products they gave me are a sample of their Mladizhen deodorant and the Shverkaj tooth powder.

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