Blogmas #17: Bunny!

I love love love bunnies. Today I had the opportunity to pet one for one whole hour, and it made me incredibly happy. Yes, this post is going to be this short but I hope you enjoy the pictures (although they’re not very good).

Still scared, the poor thing.
Slowly getting more comfortable around humans.
Look how soft and warm his fur looks!
Checking out the dark surroundings.

Now I want to have a bunny of my own! Hopefully the wish will come true sooner rather than later.

Do you have any pets?

Blogmas #3: How to De-Stress

Holidays can get hectic way too early (November madness, anyone?) and we get stressed out before we even know it as we are bombarded by various ads, special offers, exclusive products, and that constant pressure to enjoy Christmas in a certain way.

This is why I would like to show you a couple of tips for relaxing after a super tiring day.

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