How to Start Your Transformation

It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to get fit, like, yesterday. They come down from their sugary stupor that has been lingering ever since New Year’s Eve celebrations, Easter shenanigans, birthday parties… and then it’s summer already, so decide it’s time to lose weight. It’s May and people who are going through this process might be afraid they’re way too late to get in shape. Well. If you’re following me right from the beginning, you’ll know that I don’t think there’s a date by which you have to start your fitness transformation… OR ELSE. There is time for everything, no matter the date.

So, today we won’t be focusing on people’s goals but their reasons to get fit and how to start their transformation. Do you wonder what’s wrong with the picture below? Then continue reading. 😉

I’ve written this post in collaboration with Tamara from Cherry Colors so go to check out her post, too!

do it for the

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Kaj me je najbolj navdušilo na BBMU?

V petek, 10. novembra, je v ljubljanskem Hotelu Lev potekala že tretja blogerska konferenca Beautiful Bloggers Meet-Up, ki jo je organizirala Nika Veger, avtorica bloga Beautyfull Blog. Udeležile s(m)o se ga lahko tiste lepotne blogerke, ki ustvarjamo že vsaj leto dni. Na konferenci se je zvrstilo šest predavanj in ena okrogla miza, prisotni pa so bili tudi številni predstavniki blagovnih znamk, ki smo jih lahko tudi pobliže spoznale.

bbmu "beautiful bloggers meetup" melvita

Kaj pa me je najbolj navdušilo na BBMU?


Na kupu se je zbralo približno 65 blogerk, ki si delijo isti hobi: lepoto in kozmetiko. Neverjetno je, kako različne smo si med sabo, pa vendar imamo podobne, srčne želje: izražati svojo ustvarjalnost, deliti mnenje z drugimi, pomagati, osrečevati. Vse to se je čutilo na tem sproščenem dogodku in verjamem, da smo vse dobile krepko dozo zagona za nadaljnje ustvarjanje.


Tematike, ki segajo dlje od lepote in nam razkrivajo delček sebe in ideala, ki ga lahko dosežemo. Predavateljice so nas opogumile in vzpodbudile k ustvarjanju, vendar pa so nas tudi opozorile na moč in odgovornost, ki jo kot blogerke imamo do svojih bralcev ali gledalcev. Kaj je dejansko pomembno pri bloganju? Iskrenost in zvestoba – sebi pa tudi sledilcem.

Nova poznanstva

Lepo je spoznati osebe, avtorice bloga, ki jih tako rada berem. Z veseljem sem poklepetala s soudeleženkami konference, poglobila »stara« poznanstva in spletla nova. Upam, da se še kdaj srečamo – morda prej kot naslednje leto na 4. BBMU.

bbmu "beautiful bloggers meetup" cakepops


Rada bi se še enkrat zahvalila Niki za dobro organizacijo tako obsežnega projekta – koordinacija številnih vpletenih vsekakor ni mačji kašelj, skrb za gladek potek celotnega dogajanja pa je še težja. Nika, kapo dol!

Hvala tudi vsem sodelujočim podjetjem, ki so tako lepo poskrbeli za nas:
Aikon, Adria Media, Alterna Haircare, Ars Florae Gardenia, Afrodita, Avon, Catrice, Essence, Fidimed, Honor, Lič, Le Couvent des Minimes, L’Occitane, Lotique, Makeup Revolution, Medex, Med in mleko, Melvita, Nelipot, Olaplex, Philips, Rauch Fresh, S.Oliver, Smile Concept Store, Sisinger21, The Body Shop, Vivaderm, Vichy in Yankee Candle.

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Best Posts of 2016

Let’s kick off 2017 with some retrospective. But first, an explanation. In 2017 I plan to blog more: write more reviews, comparisons, do #FOTD or #EOTD type of posts… things like that. But for that to work I need to focus on you, dear readers.

Let’s see which posts you liked the most in 2016.


1. December Destash Goodies

In this post I talked about some of the first perfume oil samples that I’d received. Although I haven’t used it recently, Anna is still one of my favourites. I still believe it’s a perfect blend of gourmand and floral notes on a sandalwood base that doesn’t go weirdly dry on my skin. I’m actually waiting for a full-sized bottle of this – it was also bought in a Sunday swap and is now *somewhere* in Europe. I don’t want to turn this into a rant so let’s just say I’m getting really impatient with the post!

I have found a new owner for Smelly Yeti Dame It, while Lou Lou’s Fruit Basket Cider stays at my place, waiting to be picked up. Honestly, I’ve acquired so many bottles and samples in 2016 that FBC got sidetracked but I plan to wear it on damp(er) days (it’s been dry as in a desert here).

indie perfumes samples

2. Taste Test – Activlab Breakfast Protein

Taste tests are something I plan to return to once I get back into fitness (it’s a long story, nearly ripe for a proper, dedicated blog post). The idea here is to try various foods marketed as “fit”, “healthy”, “delicious” options for bodybuilders or simply people that want to reduce their sugar/carb intake but still have fun, lovely meals. Activlab Breakfast Protein was one of such brekkie options but I plan to review protein bars and shakes, too.


3. Inspiration Food

How appropriate for new year resolutions! This one was about finding the right time to start something. Most people choose 1 January to make that big change in their life but I believe you should do that whenever you feel ready. December’s a right bitch when it comes to healthy eating, negating your efforts as you go, so January makes sense if you want to start dieting. I’m cringing at myself as I write this but I plan to start over in the first month of 2017.

Honourable mentions:

  1. Going Strong or How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim
  2. Lipstick Brand of the Month: Hello Waffle
  3. I’ve Updated My Nailcare Routine!


various indie cosmetics in flatlay composition: eyeshadow, lipsticks, nail polish, perfume

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me and reading my blog! What kind of posts would you like to read in the future?


Inspiration Food

Remember that if you are not addressing your own needs, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to meet anyone else’s needs.

The Enneagram Institute

Ths quote is definitely worth remembering, regardless of your “personality number”. Listening to yourself does not mean ignoring what other people are telling you. It means that being true to yourself.

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New Year Resolutions?

I’m not usually one for new year resolutions because I always either fail or forget about them (which means failure, right?). To be honest, I don’t considering the switch that big of a deal but I understand those who believe in fresh starts. Sometimes a fresh start is just what we need after all.

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Blogmas #18: Memories over Macros

This has been on my mind for the past couple of days if not the whole month of December. As time moves on, tracking macros is getting harder and harder. Not because I would be trying to lose weight but because I’m bulking, and I think there really is no reason to keep it all on point. I don’t feel frustrated, just lazy.

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