The Body Shop Body Butter review

I think I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that The Body Shop is best known for its Body Butters. I’ve already tried their Shea Butter one many moons ago and it left a good impression on me. That’s what I was most excited about upon hearing the news that The Body Shop would finally arrive to Slovenia. More body butter options? Bring them on!

the body shop body butter british rose frosted berries bunnyechoes

I was lucky enough to receive their Frosted Berries Body Butter in mini size at the BBMU conference in November 2011. I was very much interested in how it would work, whether the formula was still as good as it was five years ago. As for the British Rose Body Butter, I received a Christmas gift from The Body Shop Slovenia (thank you!). This gift was a selection of mini-sized products such as lipstick, face mask, serum, cream and perfume.

The Body Shop Body Butter – texture

The texture of both Frosted Berries and British Rose Body Butter is similar to Greek yogurt because it’s quite firm, however, it applies nicely, especially if you warm it up in your hands. It moisturises your skin really well and the skin stays soft and super smooth for a long time. The Frosted Berries Body Butter manages to hydrate my skin until the next morning, while the British Rose Body Butter isn’t as effective. It seems to have a bit lighter texture that doesn’t fully sink in but rather leaves a thin, non-greasy and non-sticky layer on top of skin. It’s supposed to have a pearlescent texture that makes your skin glow but I think it’s very subdued and thus safe to apply whenever you want. Both body butters give your skin a healthy glow but you won’t turn into a disco ball. 😉

the body shop body butter frosted berries bunnyechoes the body shop body butter british rose bunnyechoes

The Body Shop Body Butter – scent

The Frosted Berries Body Butter smells like it says on the tin – of berries! In fact, it reminds me of a sweet berry yogurt, the kind that would disappear in no time had a jar of it appeared in front of you. 🙂 The British Rose Body Butter smells nice, too. This is a very floral scent – it smells of roses, of course. It’s also quite realistic but unfortunately, this scent fades faster. It’s a good alternative to foody scents, so I like to use it nonetheless.

Frosted Berries Body Butter is still available in the 200 ml packaging and it costs €12.25 (it’s on sale). The 50 ml version is not available anymore but it cost €6.90 while it was still in stock. Have a look hereBritish Rose Body Butter, 50 ml is still available for €6.90; you can find it here.

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