I’ve Updated My Nailcare Routine!

This post deserves a disclaimer straight away: my nails aren’t in their best condition and they haven’t really improved from last year. From a regular bystander’s point of view, their ridges surely signify that something’s wrong with me? Well, as luck might have it, my nails have been ridged ever since I was born so I suppose it’s just their natural state.

What isn’t that natural for them is their layering. They started with this peeling business some time in spring 2015 and haven’t stopped ever since. However, I take care of my hands – I try to avoid them coming in contact with water as much as I can, and I moisturise them as soon as I’ve washed them. I massage them whenever I feel cold because my hands are obviously the first body part to turn into ice. 😉

As always, I’m open to suggestions for solving my nail problem. 🙂

my favourite nail care items: burt's bees cuticle balm and zoya glass file

Shortening and shaping

After I’ve removed old polish off my nails, I shape them into an oval shape without any sharp edges. Three or four years ago I’ve replaced my old metal file with a new glass file (I used Artdeco and Zoya glass file – this one is in the pictures – but because I’m clumsy as heck they’ve already shattered to pieces and I’m on my third one at this point). I find this kind of files the best for shortening and shaping my nails. It no longer takes me ages to reach a certain shape – this is done with a couple of swipes at most. Another file I use is a simple polishing file (not pictured) with four sides. It takes care of »closing« the edge of the nail and it’s supposed to prevent splitting. I’ve only been using this for the past two weeks so any claims will have to be checked at some point.

Taking care of my cuticles

First and foremost, I try to hydrate my cuticles as best as possible. This is why I apply Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream right after shaping my nails. It does a good job at moisturising as well as preventing any moisture loss from my otherwise rogue cuticles that like to dry up fast. I also use jojoba or argan oil all over my hands and do a little massage.

my favourite nail care items: essence the gel top coat

Polishing and finishing touches

I always, always apply a base coat first. I’ve used Zoya Naked Manicure Naked Base for a long time but now I’ve switched to Microcell 3000 Nail Power  formaldehyde-free strengthening base coat (not pictured) in hope it would improve my nail situation. So, after two coats of that I follow up with the coloured polish of choice (usually two coats) and finish it off with Essence the Gel Top Coat, which is actually amazing. I’ve gone through half of it already and it still dries as fast as when it was brand new. After that I remove any polish that spilled over my cuticles with Essence Studio Nails Nail Polish Corrector Pen and moisturise my hands some more with Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream or some hand cream.

The coloured polish in my pictures is Tiger Lily by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. More about it in my next post! 😉

my favourite nail care items: femme fatale tiger lily nail polish


  1. Awesome photos! The glass files seem really cool but it’s a shame they break so much. I don’t have a nail routine other than trimming them! So i don’t really have any advice for you : (

    1. I think the glass files are perfectly all right, it’s just me who’s clumsy and prone to breaking them! I ought to be more mindful when dealing with them.

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