Why Indie Cosmetics?

As you’ve probably noticed already, I’m rather keen on alternative, independent beauty products. I discovered this post on Reddit a long while back and I decided to write a proper blog post about it in case anyone wondered why I decided to go down this rabbithole.


So what got you interested in indies?

I got interested in indies because I was looking for quality make-up (as well as skincare products) that hadn’t been tested on animals but I also wanted to steer clear of huge mainstream businesses with little regard to their customers.

How did you discover IMAM?

I discovered r/indiemakeupandmore when I was searching for a better foundation match. Back in October I received a foundation via a giveaway and I thought it’d would be a perfect match, considering I am not the palest of people. I was wrong. It was way too orange for me so I started wondering, what’s the difference between this foundation and the one that suits me just fine? I started googling skin tones and undertones, got on Reddit and found a post dedicated to people with olive undertones. One thing led to another and there I was, on r/indiemakeupandmore, reading about these “exotic” brands that cater to a variety of people.

What was the first indie brand you heard of? How did you discover it?

The first indie brand was probably Meow Cosmetics or Silk Naturals. I frankly skipped them in favour of Lily Lolo but I dug into perfume brands nearly straight away.

What was the first indie brand you tried? How did you discover it?

The first indie brand I tried was ZOMG Smells. I bought a few perfumes through Sunday Swap on IMAM and tried this brand’s perfume Anna straight away. I thought it was strong on sandalwood but now I actually think it’s more floral than woody, haha.

Why do you keep shopping indies?

I keep shopping indies because I think the brands have more or less better customer service than mainstream brands, and they tend to listen to their customers a lot more. Some, like Hello Waffle, do special limited editions based on their customers’ wishes. Not to mention limited editions inspired by popular culture or classic literature. Indie brands regularly come up with something new, be it formulas, colours or scents,  and that’s what keeps me buying their products. 🙂

Have you ever bought an indie product?

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