Blogmas #19: Zoya Naked Manicure

Anyone who knows me also knows that I take great pride in my hands. That moment when I twisted my middle finger (and never had it straightened) was truly sad because it spoiled my otherwise perfect looking hands (yes, I love the way they are constructed and I’m not ashamed to admit it).

Bare nails

So why are my nails looking so sad now? They’re not weak but they do peel like mofos and I don’t know how to improve their state. I take omega-3 pills, and I’ve limited my intake of shitty food. And yet my nails don’t look any better.

Family portrait

Thankfully, I’ve discovered Zoya Naked Manicure kit, and decided to give it a go. So does it really improve the state of nails? Continue reading and you shall see!

I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of Naked Base without the packaging but it’s a simple, clear basecoat held in the same-looking bottle as Perfector.

Zoya Naked Base

Firstly, you have to apply the basecoat nail polish called Naked Base. Rich in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients, it helps improve nails’ flexibility and strength. It’s also supposed to hydrate the nails but I cannot say my nails are more hydrated after using this polish. As you can see, my nails look shiny but the surface is still very uneven.

One coat of Naked Base

Zoya Perfector

Next I applied two coats of Perfector in shade Buff instead of the advised procedure (see my explanation below).

There are four other shades available: LavenderPink, Nude, and Mauve, with Lavender being used to neutralize any discoloration of the nails. This one should be used first and then followed by any of the other four perfectors, depending on your nail colour. Buff suits me best because it’s light beige. The pink one would be, well, too pink, and the other two too dark for my skin tone. I don’t have any issues with discoloration so Lavender wasn’t necessary for me to use.

Zoya Perfector – Buff

Two coats of the Perfector in shade Buff make my nail surface very even – it’s not perfect but still way better than with any other (coloured) nail polishes that I’ve tried (unless I applied super thick coats, which made the end result still look bad).

These two are the only Naked Manicure polishes that I own. There are some more in their line-up: Tip Perfector to make the tips of your nails whiter (I have super short nails due to the peeling so I have no use of Tip Perfector), Satin Seal Top Coat, and Glossy Seal Topcoat.

My opinion? Well, it doesn’t miraculously solve your nail problems but Zoya Naked Manicure ritual does help your nails stay strong and look prettier. I like not wearing coloured nail polish now, whereas I was mostly against it previously. My nails’ condition has in fact improved slightly but I believe I need to take on a more wholesome approach to making them healthy again.

I hope this post helped clear up some doubts that you might have had about Zoya Naked Manicure nail polishes. Also, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!

You can buy your Naked Manicure kit(s) here.

I’ve updated my nail care routine – read all about it here!


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